Michelle Malkin is the not-too-shy Jersey girl with the guts to speak out against the lawlessness going on in our home state.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has made it the policy of the state Law Enforcement to hinder the lawful operations of the agents at Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His "sanctuary state" policy endangers the brave men and women working for ICE as they now must deploy additional forces and attempt to enforce detainer orders outside the relative safety of our correctional facilities.

As we discussed with Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence, also a Jersey guy, 70% of ICE arrests happen in jails and areas safely executed because the perp is already in custody. By releasing potentially violent criminal aliens into the community, including an accused child rapist recently, Grewal threatens public safety with his reckless directive.

Michele Malkin, who authored a new book "Open Boarders Inc, Who's Funding America's Destruction?" joined me on the show to talk about the dangerous policy of sanctuary states and the motivation for progressive Leftists like Grewal to pursue it at the expense of public safety.

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