For someone who often writes about my favorite coffee shops or coffee recipes, you may be shocked when I tell you I used to hate the taste of coffee.

I always found the taste to be too strong, and it wasn’t until I started customizing my drinks that I was able to fall in love with the beverage.

Here’s what to order if you’re in desperate need of caffeine.

  • For the caramel lover

    Try ordering a caramel iced latte and request extra caramel or an extra shot of espresso. This drink is usually what I give my dad when he wants to take another shot at coffee and he’s usually impressed. If you tried this and still don’t like it, try ordering the drink frozen as a frozen drink is automatically more enjoyable.

  • For the chocolate lover

    Any kind of chocolate coffee counts as a treat in my book and most coffee shops will have a mocha beverage on their menu. Mocha drinks are usually dominantly chocolate with a little taste of coffee, but not overpowering to the point where you’re nauseous. As I have always believed, there is nothing a little chocolate syrup can’t fix!

  • For the sugar lover

    Sweet foam has been dominating the coffee market and is a huge way to add sweetness to your coffee order. I like to get an iced coffee with vanilla flavoring, 2 sugars and the sweet cream on days I crave that extra kick of sweetness and this truly does the job.

  • For the fruit lover

    I have never been a fan of mixing fruit with coffee but throughout the years I've warmed up to it a little bit. Try ordering a coffee with blueberry or any type of berry sweetener along with some almond milk and see what you think. I have actually found this order to be quite refreshing on occasion.

  • For the ultimate coffee hater

    If you truly think you will never like coffee, go ahead and get a Frappuccino. While they may be high in calories, they are delicious and guaranteed to give you energy to get through your day.

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