You would have to PAY ME a few thousand dollars to go to Minneapolis in early February. However, I'm only a casual football fan and yes my team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Maybe if it were in a traditional locale like a warm weather city such as Miami or San Diego, even Dallas, I might, might go. It's undeniable that the best place to watch the Super Bowl is at home or at a friends house on a big screen with great food, great company, amazing TV coverage and all those fun commercials.

But every year, for whatever reason, die-hard fans insist on blowing big bucks, risking bodily injury and getting a poor view of the game, just to say, "I went to the Superbowl...yay!"

Well, if you're one on those, and I give you lots of credit, here's what it's gonna cost you and what to expect in Minneapolis on Feb.4th.

  • Temperature — High of 12 degrees, Low of -3 degrees.
  • Airfare — If you hurry you can get a round trip ticket for around $300. PHL to MIN
  • Hotel — If you hurry you can get one as low as $149.00 per night.
  • Ticket price — Average as of Tuesday night (1/23) was $7,354, according to
  • Meals and entertainment — $500.

So the average weekend at the Superbowl to (barely) see your Eagles play will be close to $10,000. Yeah, it's a once in a lifetime thing, maybe. But with Carson Wentz due back next season and many seasons to come, it could happen again and again.

Just look at Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This is their eighth trip to the big game and they've won five of them with Brady, so this next decade could be the Eagles' shot at a dynasty. It's an easy decision for casual football fans like me this year.

Stay home and enjoy the game much more and save the 10K for a nice vacation with the family. But that's just me.

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