The White House changed hands today at noon with President Joe Biden being sworn in talking about unifying the country. One way to do that is to let his predecessor Donald Trump, as Dylan Thomas would say, "go gentle into the last goodnight." Chances are they won't do that. He must be taught a lesson.

Who is this man? This reality TV star to come into their political world out debate the best in the Republican party, then beat the Democratic nominee, a former first lady who was so surprised she lost, has still never gotten over it. Many in the country haven't gotten over it and in their eyes, Trump must pay for it so that they can make sure it never happens again.

From the day of his Inauguration until the day he leaves office and then some, politicians have been trying to get Donald Trump. In this politically correct world where you can't say anything negative about anybody, Trump was the only person you could turn your vitriol on, and they did.

Donald Trump jokes accounted for 97% of the jokes on late-night television. Media members from both sides made their careers off of Trump. One member CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who got a book deal off his questioning of Donald Trump says he will not cover Joe Biden as actively as he did Trump. He's smart enough to know he's not getting a book off of Biden.

So what becomes of Donald Trump, the only president to be impeached twice? The Senate must decide on whether to try him for the incitement of insurrection charge. 

I think based on Trump's immense popularity and charges that would be so hard to prove, that they would take up way too much time and money which could be better spent dealing with all we have to deal with. The move here is to just let it go.

If the idea of impeachment is so that he'll never be able to run for office, that to me is cowardice. If you're afraid of Trump, get a dog, not social media and Silicon Valley. Although they did a good job too.

If Biden really wants to unite the country, don't give the Trump supporters something which to rally around. Let Donald Trump go gentle into that good night and let's try to find a way to become one. We need that now more than ever.

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