LA May Day Marches Celebrate Workers, Push For Immigration Reform
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You say tomato I say tomato. you say potato I say potato. You say undocumented, I say illegal. The Associated Press says “here illegally,” I say illegal!

The Associated Press's official guidance issued in 2013 is to describe someone as being here illegally, rather than "illegal immigrant," the distinction being that a person isn't illegal but his action is.

There were a lot of misconceptions around this when they issued that instruction a few yeas ago. It's not that AP advises "undocumented immigrant" or to slide in a different, more PC term. It's just that it says to describe the act as illegal, not the individual.

Does this mean you can no longer call someone who steals a thief, or someone who shoots someone as a murderer? According to this logic, we don’t have a problem with the person, just the act of stealing or killing.

But as long as the individual is here illegally, as far as I’m concerned, they’re illegal. Everything they do here is illegal, starting with not paying taxes. You can sugar coat it anyway you want, but the fact remains. The solution here is to find a way to make the “undocumented” legal that everyone can live with. The problem with that is it’s a slap in the face to all who came here and struggled to recite the pledge of allegiance the old -fashioned way.

“Old fashion” is key here. The “new fashion” is to come up with a term that doesn’t offend anyone and that in itself offends me. Tomato, tomato, illegal undocumented, let’s call the whole thing off!

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