Summer officially begins this Sunday, so let the debate begin -- which food should be considered the official summer food of the Garden State?

Jersey corn is a favorite of many Garden State residents. (Maksym Narodenko, ThinkStock)
Jersey corn is a favorite of many Garden State residents. (Maksym Narodenko, ThinkStock)

Shoppers in Mercer County offered up all sorts of ideas and suggestions.

"That's a tough one, I mean you've got to have Jersey tomatoes, you've got to have some Jersey corn, I'm up for burgers, dogs, corn and tomatoes," said Bob from Ewing.

Andrea from Hamilton listen produce and pizza among her picks.

"I love corn on the cob, that would be great, corn on the cob, asparagus, it can go just a little later, and don't forget a pizza on our seashores, because I support the beaches all the way," she said.

A shopper standing nearby said "hoagies, because it contains everything that you really like."

Janet from Trenton seemed sure of the correct answer.

"Most definitely the Jersey peach," she said. "I just think the peaches are phenomenal this year."

A lot of folks thought corn should be the official summer food.

"Corn on the cob because it's the best summer food there is, and it's the only time you can get it, in the summer," said one woman.

Her friend disagreed.

"Tomatoes, because in New Jersey there's nothing else like it -- tomato and cheese sandwiches," she said.

Other shoppers had different thoughts on what New Jersey's official summer food should be.

"Taylor pork roll -- a boardwalk favorite -- it just tastes fantastic," one woman said.

A mom with three children said "I love all the fruits and stuff but when I think of a New Jersey tradition it would be a Trenton Burger -- the burger with pork roll, right?"

Her oldest son had his own idea.

"My favorite vegetable is corn, I think it should be that because it's healthy and it's really yummy," he said, but his younger brother disagreed.

"Ice cream," he said beaming, "because it's sweet and good!"

One shopper seemed confused by the question, but finally offered an answer.

"Jersey Mike's subs," he said, "I don't know, I live on them!"

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