The upside down OK symbol. What does it mean? Why is Josh Murphy seen on camera flashing it during his father's swearing in ceremony?

Earlier this month a controversy erupted when the Matawan police had to explain that one of their officers making the same sign in no way meant it as a white supremacy symbol. Some say the upside down OK sign is from the "circle game" in which people tricked into looking at it means they receive a punch in the arm. It was featured on the TV show Malcolm In The Middle.

The Anti-Defamation League says on its website that the gesture is a hoax and goes back to people taking innocuous symbols, items and gestures and falsely linking white supremacist meanings to them to trick liberals. It would be hard to believe the son of such a progressive as Phil Murphy would hold white supremacist beliefs. Equally hard is believing a 20 year old grown man would be so immature as to flash a sign for the "circle game" at a prestigious event.

Is their some third meaning to this? I feel like there has to be. But what?

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