Do you remember about three weeks ago when Gov. Murphy was "stunned" at the state of Texas dropping the mask mandate? At that time, he said he "couldn't conceive of ending the mask mandate." He just didn't know what those crazies in Texas were thinking.

Maybe they were thinking about the right of a free people to choose their own destiny when it comes to their health and safety long after any serious virus threat had passes.

Maybe they were thinking about the studies that don't show any real evidence that the masks most people are wearing don't do much of anything.

Maybe the governor of Texas was thinking about his role as governor and not an autocratic tyrant who could destroy lives with his lack of knowledge of governance.

This graph shows where Texas has gone and where New Jersey has gone in the past two and a half weeks since Texas ended the mask mandate.

People in Texas can still wear a mask if they choose. Some businesses still ask their patrons to where mask and most all comply or they go somewhere else where they're not asked to. It's simple matter of freedom of choice. The optimal word there being freedom. Something this governor puts little stock in for his loyal subjects.

But as long as the New Jersey public is in a state of panic, and they still are thanks to his almost daily obituary/punishment-threatening/faux compassionate clown show press briefings, this nonsense will continue.

Even as the cases rise again in this state, despite the shutdowns and the mask "theatre," Murphy is sticking to his playbook of trying to control a virus. Less than two weeks ago he proclaimed that "we've definitely plateaued" as the information on cases rising was right in front of him.

The death rate among most of the population is extremely low and it's extremely treatable. What may not be treatable for a while is the panic he's instilled in the public to distort their thinking so much as to believe he's done anything resembling a good job during this.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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