There's a new law being floated in New Jersey that would mandate water safety courses be taught in schools. I'm totally on board with the idea, perhaps as part of health class. While we're at it, what other things would you like to see taught in New Jersey schools?

Personally, I wish all New Jersey schools offered a course in schools called "Dad 101." My Dad and his greatest generation knew how to do everything. He could fix a car, plumb, carpentry work and he saved us so much money growing up. The only thing in my toolbox is a checkbook and a pen. I would love for New Jersey schools to teach kids the things I wish I made time for my Dad to teach me. Here's some of what you suggested on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Al Smith: "Gun Safety."

Gordon Moore: "How to unclog a drain...without chemicals. My plumber taught me."

Billy Van Auken: "Drug safety...staying away from the 1st one."

Scott Bancroft: "Basic car maintenance."

Nick Palumbo Sr.: "CPR."

Arthur Lekoff: "Life skills - investing, speaking with medical professionals, banking, credit card manegment, automotive skills (purchasing, service, emergencies) to name a few."

Ed Rufolo: "How to look up from your phone while crossing the street."

Jill Connerton: "Basic cooking, cleaning, mending (home economics). writing. Cursive writing (bring it back). Basic human interaction (letter writing, phone skills, manners)."

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