According to a dating service called Hater, which is an app that matches people according to what they hate, New Jerseyans hate jellyfish the most. Unacceptable!

I understand how painful they can be, but what about ticks? Far more prevalent and their ill effects, far more long lasting.

So we asked our listeners in New Jersey what they hated the most. The phones didn't stop ringing long after the hour was over. New Jersey people love to tell you what they hate. In no particular order......

  • Beach flies
  • Socialism
  • 20 something Wrangler drivers
  • Middle aged women in yoga pants
  • Middle aged men in tank tops at dinner
  • High taxes
  • Vegan leather
  • Charity solicitations outside the supermarket
  • Tailgaters (the driving kind)
  • "Blinged" out Hummers
  • Naked men in the gym locker room
  • Stupid people

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