Masks, distance, no handshakes, no hugs … all a part of what politicians like Phil Murphy want the post-COVID world to look like. It’s as weird and unsettling as you think. What’s perhaps most interesting is that it seems reserved for only New Jersey and New York.

Masks in stores, masks while driving, masks outside! If we lived in a world without communication and social media, you would think that the pandemic is in full swing and that the air is toxic, but then reality hits you when traveling outside of New Jersey. In many parts of the country, masks are not commonplace. People are returning to normal social activities on the beach, at the bar, in restaurants, and of course enjoying the summer weather outside.

We heard from callers all Friday morning discussing their experiences outside of New Jersey, from Florida to Oregon to Harrisburg. Mo masks, dining inside, using public restrooms and even grabbing a cup of coffee at the lobby bar in a hotel. In other words, normal. Walking around a New Jersey parking lot outside a store, you would think that a nuclear weapon went off and we’re living in a toxic fallout zone. Is the air just ‘safer’ across the Delaware River? Of course not. It’s arbitrary government control designed to see how far you can be pushed.

It’s sad to see so many in New Jersey just go along and even help spread the message of fear and compliance from the government. The good news is there are more normal than you might think, and as more of the nation embraces the old normal, it’s only a matter of time before the Murphy fear narrative falls apart. Until then, there are plenty of places to go to enjoy your summer all around this great country!

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