When I went to PetCenter in the Shops at Old Bridge to host their cutest pets costume contest, I never thought I's end up with a panther chameleon on my head! Usually, I'm not one to go for that stuff, but when owner Joe Gallo introduced me to Roger he took an immediate liking to me.

If you've never seen a panther chameleon, they are one of the most colorful creatures you'll ever see, and Roger from what I'm told likes, tall people. So my 6'4 frame appealed to him, as did my hair.

For those of you who don't know, including myself what a Panther Chameleon is, PetCenter general manager Thomas Gallo explains

"Roger is a permanent resident at  Panther Chameleon. They originate from Madagascar. He eats a variety of bugs and insects. Roger is friendly, inelegant, super sociable- loves people, gets a lot of visitors on a daily basis".


The first thing Roger did when he met me was crawl up my arm. This was a new and unique experience for me. But after being assured he already had lunch I wasn't that worried. Then he decided to continue his travels.


As Roger continued to climb Mt Steve's head, I'm feeling more like Johnny Carson when Joan Embrery would bring on the animals.


Now I'm thinking how cool it is to have a Panther Chameleon on top of my head, but then I'm thinking "What if he doesn't; want to come back down or what if he's gotta go?, as in gotta go potty. It was at that point Roger and I parted ways. But it was fun while it lasted!

If you want to see Roger or perhaps buy one of his relatives, check out PetCenter in the Shoppes at Old Bridge.



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