State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D) is working to change New Jersey's laws to make smart guns available — 13 years after a measure that would require them was put into place.

A law written by Weinberg and  passed in 2002 would require that New Jersey dealers only offer "smart guns," which are weapons that activate only when their owners' fingerprints are detected, within 30 months of such guns coming on the market.

The technology exists, but gun dealers throughout the country have resisted offering such guns — for fear of beginning the clock on New Jersey's law and barring other gun sales in the Garden State.

"We passed that bill to help spur this technology," said Weinberg on 60 Minutes.  Weinberg said she's looking to repeal the existing law, but instead require at least one type of smart gun be sold in any gun store.

She said she hasn't gotten replies from gun enthusiasts she's tried to contact about her plan.

"They seem to oppose almost everything. Anytime we suggest anything we've gotten very little cooperation back," Weinberg said.

A message left for the NRA seeking comment was not returned.

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