Watermelon. It's a luscious summer treat all over the country. And when it's ripe during August here in New Jersey, it's so sweet it's amazing.

But since my kids were young, we could never settle for just slices, wedges or cubes. And we'd NEVER stoop to the very cliché watermelon balls. No way! Save that for the hoity toity WASPs up in New England.

Sliced and served with the rind is okay for southerners, but here in New Jersey, we don't do things the way other people do. Enter Watermelon Jenga.

(Judi Franco/Townsquare Media)
(Judi Franco/Townsquare Media)

Because YOUR mom may have told you not to play with your food, but MY kids are encouraged to!

Jenga is that classic game with the wooden cuboids you stack alternately until they're towering and then try to pull out one at a time.

I'd have my kids play it with watermelon sticks and then whoever knocked the tower down would lose, and then have to dole out the sticks to everyone else (Of course I wouldn't deprive the loser, I'd "cheat" for him or her by giving them my pile).

Sanitary? No. Fun? Yup. As far as my kids and I are concerned, Watermelon 'Jenga' is ONLY way to eat watermelon: The Jersey Way.

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