Wish the winter was over? In Reddit user "merg_flerg's" video above, it just flies by.

Starting on Dec. 29, 2017 (he says the datestamp is wrong above) and continuing through early March, he took an image an hour of the Delaware River for en epic timelapse video.

"Merg_flerg" stripped out the nighttime shots and a couple of days where the fog made everything hard to see. What's left is 25 seconds of winter whisking by — the product or more than 600 photos showing the Delaware River freeze and thaw, get buried by snow and absorb it into the water.

The images were captured just north of the Route 80 bridge. In there, you'll see the biggest freeze happen in just one nice — and the water rising rapidly as it melts.

Thanks very much to "merg_flerg" for his permission to use this video. We'd love to see your best images of the winter (including the ongoing nor'easter). Send them to us via the NJ 101.5 app for Android or iOS.

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