On the Dennis and Judi show yesterday, we had a lively discussion about yoga with our listeners. Well, we weren't actually discussing yoga per se, but the yoginis. Actually, male yoginis in particular.

It seems that a NJ high school suspended their yoga program after receiving complaints about their male yoga teacher, who students thought was weird and found "creepy" when he touched them, presumably while guiding them through the various yoga poses.

I think it was a good idea to nix the program. After all, it IS strange to be touched by your yoga teacher, though it happens all the time in yoga classes worldwide.

But when you're a kid, and the teacher's a dude, it gets into uber-creepy territory. Here's a way to combat the weird teacher touching you during your yoga class: Let goats touch you instead!

Yep. You read that right. Goats.

On a quaint little farm in Gilbert, Arizona, you can do just that, in a practice called, appropriately, Goat Yoga. And it is exactly what it says: Yoga. With goats.

It's pretty self-explanatory, yet perplexing nonetheless. But people will do anything seems new-agey and mindful, especially if it involves close contact with animals. Think about that. That's a frightening statement on society.

But don't let my commentary in any way diminish your enjoyment of the visual. Ladies and gentlemen, in all it's glory, I give you: GOAT YOGA.

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