Ask people what they dread most about life in New Jersey: Transmission problems, root canal, or a trip to the motor vehicle commission. The latter is sure to strike fear in the heart of many a Jerseyan. Since I moved into my home two months ago, I have been putting off the trip to change the address on my driver’s license because I just remembered such bad experiences at the DMV and then later, the MVC. But apparently, they’ve got it figured out and it seems as though the kinks have really been ironed out.

The process was simple, and painless. The people were nice and helpful. The lines weren’t that bad at all. I know, I know. I can hardly believe it myself! Which is why I wanted to show you.

Join me on my start-to-finish (well kind of) trip through the driver’s license process. I would’ve loved to have shown every detail-especially the lovely gentleman who helped my son and me through the process-but you’re definitely not allowed to video or photograph in the building (I found out after).

This pleasant, well-informed and helpful man even explained to me that my bringing my marriage license was a great idea because it’s worth a lot of points.( Ironically, he said, smiling, a certificate of divorce is worth just as many points!) So if you’ve been putting off that trip to register your vehicle, get new license plates, or change your address, never fear- the New Jersey MVC is much improved. They’ve got it down pat!

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