New Jerseyans love a good story. Whether it's a creepy urban legend or a tall tale from the old Lambertville High School, we love the stuff of "Weird NJ." There are probably now more paranormal investigators in the Garden State than toll collectors.

While it would be cool to have proof of an existence after life all the still photos of mere shadows and videos of so-called 'orbs' never convince me. I'm not saying this video convinces me either. But it's the most interesting one I have seen on the subject.

There is a hospital in Honduras were it is said a doctor took his own life. The story has it that the spirit of this doctor wanders the corridors and flickers the lights on and off in patients rooms. This video is what one investigator caught. It is a transparent human-like figure that seems to step into the hall then disappear before your eyes.

Trickery? Probably. If not trickery, some as yet unexplained optical illusion? I don't know what it is. But like I said it's the best video of this kind that I've seen. You can draw your own solid conclusion based on this very limited information.

Hey, we're from Jersey, that's what we do!

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