Watch – Did This Police Department Catch a Ghostly Intruder? [Video]
Law enforcement members are trained to use all of their senses to analyze the situation at hand. They're taught to take all possibilities into consideration and make logical decisions from the evidence at hand. That being said - these cops in New Mexico are pretty convinced that they have a ghost on their hands. Check out this video so see what they caught on a surveillance camera:
WATCH: A news crew catches ghostly activity– live
One of the main things that we always stress to new ghost hunters and people interested in trying to catch paranormal activity is the fact that you can't make it happen. You can spend hours somewhere that is purported to be haunted and not get so much as a chill. And then there are those times that it starts the second you walk in the door.
Scariest Cases
Ocean County Paranormal has been working with the Garden State Ghost Hunters for a few years now, doing a number of paranormal investigations a year. While "ghost hunting" can sound glamorous and the TV shows make it look really exciting, many times it can be a lot of sitting around and waiting...
Watch – Does a Ghost Car Cause This Accident? [Video]
First of all, this is the internet, so we have to take everything that we see with a grain of salt. These days, just about anyone can download basic photo and video editing software. But, that being said, this is a weird video. It appears that a "ghost car" literally appears out of nowhere to cause a fender bender. I'm not saying that I necessarily think that this is on the level, but if
Phantom in the Park?
It started out as a lovely, early spring outing to Allaire State Park for a Jersey shore family, which took some very strange turns. But the strangest came when they looked back at the pictures that they took that day.

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