Today's #BlueFriday comes at a time when cops are under attack yet again, this time some ignorant radicals in Holmdel who want to remove the blue line painted on the roadway in front of the municipal building.

Problem is that cowardly politicians, like the team in Holmdel, punted away responsibility and set up a committee to discuss racial issues in town. Of course, there are no reported racial issues in Holmdel. It's a safe, quiet Jersey community thanks mainly to an outstanding police force. But the PC mob is looking to make up problems where they don't exist.

Excusing the violent rioting resulting in a couple billion dollars in damage in our cities over the summer, much of that done to small businesses, at least nine deaths and an actual insurrection where rioters took over several city blocks in Seattle, these cop-hating traitors want you to believe that these protests were "mostly peaceful" so we should look the other way.

Meanwhile, the million plus marchers in D.C. on Jan. 6 were not only mostly peaceful, but the media carried news for weeks about armed demonstrators storming the "people's House." Turns out that video evidence clearly shows cops opening the gates and in some cases actually escorting protesters into the chambers. Not exactly an insurrection. Even the story about the police officer killed after being hit by a fire extinguisher was debunked by CNN and the officer's own mother.

When it comes to law enforcement and people who support law enforcement, don't expect to get a fair shake in today's media. This is the reason that I am on a mission to make sure #BlueFriday remains a strong part of my show.

Today's honorees are Atlantic City police officers Auttika Taing and Justin Peyton who were on duty in their patrol car when a vehicle pulled up behind them and the driver ran out asking for help. Turns out the passenger had just given birth with the newborn stuck in her stretchy pants! The officers didn't hesitate, freeing the baby and untangling the umbilical cord which was wrapped around the baby's neck.

Thanks to the quick action employing their calm professionalism, this newborn is gonna be the subject of many stories around the dinner table for sure. Thank you Officer Taing and Peyton. You both exemplify the best in New Jersey law enforcement.

Check out the story from the ACPD Facebook page and the video!

On February 20, 2021, Officers Auttika Taing and Justin Peyton were leaving the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, City Division, when a vehicle pulled behind them. The driver told the officers that her friend needed immediate medical attention.
The officers went to the passenger side and spoke to a woman that had just given birth and the baby was in her pants. The officers could clearly see movement from inside the woman’s stretch pants and hear the baby crying.
Officer Taing safely removed the baby. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and removed. The baby was wrapped in a jacket while medical personnel arrived to cut the umbilical cord. Officer Peyton pinched the cord while Officer Taing carried the baby into the Emergency Room for evaluation.
Today, Officers Taing and Peyton had the opportunity to meet with the mother and her baby. Thankfully, they are both doing well. - Atlantic City PD Facebook Post

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2020 Blue Friday Honorees

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