The art of the senior prank. A time honored tradition. Pulling off a great senior prank takes originality, secrecy, humor, and no one should be harmed. Originality is a tough one. So many generations have pulled so many senior pranks that everything seems done before. Greased pigs or live chickens released down the hallways? Old. Secrecy is important because when too many people are in on the planning someone talks, then the prank is stopped by administration before it even gets started. Humor is subjective. I'm sure what students find hysterical a vice-principal finds annoying.

That brings us to my final criterion. No one should be harmed. That's where this senior prank in Roxbury Township failed miserably. Someone thought a great prank would be to ride up and down the corridors on a dirt bike. One student received an injury when they were struck by the handlebar as the bike sped past. It was a minor injury, but the point is this is the kind of prank that could go sideways very quickly. Riding a dirt bike around a blind corner could easily take someone out and break a limb.

The student who did this Roxbury dirt bike prank is not being identified but was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault due to that injury. Read more about the incident here.

I once heard a story of a vo-tech school where the student's knew an administrator's car would be left overnight in the parking light. The prank was they worked all night disassembling the entire vehicle, hauling in segments to the roof of the building and reassembling it there. I have no clue if this story is true. Seems dubious. But if someone actually pulled that off, that's epic.

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