🎄A suspect was caught on video pulling plugs at the "GLOW! The Light Show."

🎄It took two days to get the display operational again

🎄The creator's 2022 display will be on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight" Tuesday

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Gloucester) — Vandalism could not darken the one million Christmas lights that are part of a new South Jersey display.

The drive-thru display called "GLOW! The Light Show" at Washington Township located on Berlin Cross Keys Road and the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township suffered a "significant amount of theft and property damage" early Sunday morning, according to the display's Facebook page.

Surveillance video captured a lot of the vandalism.

It shows a supsect entering the property on foot, pulling plugs and popping locks, Dan Uszaki, whose family created the display, told 6 ABC Action News.

Glow at Washington Township display
"GLOW! The Light Show" at Washington Township display (Glow at Washington Township)

Stealing Christmas magic

Uszaki said the vandals stole tools from a trailer and unplugged wires and cables key to the display.

"What they were in fact pulling was all the Christmas magic. That's the wiring that goes to our main computers. With these shows it's not just a simple uplug and plug back in. It can really disrupt the system that we have online," Uszaki told 6 ABC Action News.

Uszaki, in a message on the display's Facebook page, said the display is back up and running and will be open for a viewing party of Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.” A display at the family's house in Deptford from 2022 will be featured on the show.


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