🔴 Derek Narby was missing since Sept. 14 when a boat capsized in Manasquan Inlet

🔴 State Police have been searching for him ever since

🔴 A body was found Saturday on Channel Drive in Point Pleasant Beach

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The body found Saturday near the Manasquan Inlet was identified as a missing Brick man.

State Police Detective Jeffrey Lebron said the body found on Channel Drive is that of Derek Narby, 21. He was on board a 31-foot boat that capsized the night of Sept. 14 in Manasquan Inlet as Hurricane Lee caused rough surf all along the Jersey Shore.

A 10-foot wave knocked the boat over tossing his father David and older brother Dawson into the inlet. They were pulled out of the water by Point Pleasant Beach police.

Candles and lanterns lit to help guide Derek Narby home to Brick.
Candles and lanterns lit to help guide Derek Narby home to Brick (Jen Ursillo, Townsquare Media)

Support for a family dealing with a loss

The stern of the boat was recovered in Seaside Heights several days later. State Police Marine Services were in the water around the inlet daily during the following week trying to locate Derek.

The Midstream section of Brick rallied around the Narby family while they awaited word about Derek. Lanterns and candles were lit nightly in the neighborhood and at the inlet to symbolize helping guide Derek home.

The Brick Little League has set up a tribute book at its snack stand for notes and pictures to be left for Derek's family. Donations may also be made for the Narby family. Derek played in the Brick Little League and for the Brick Memorial team.

A friend also created a GoFundMe page for the family.

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