There’s nothing like a cold beer! Beer is a major accompaniment with many dishes that I enjoy. There’s a great brewery that supports our Jersey heritage and agriculture as well as looking for high quality beers with a wide array of selections, Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck really does New Jersey proud.

Jersey boasts many micro-brews that are good, providing good product but Source Farmhouse Brewery takes it a step further. They are a farm to glass brewery making a tremendous effort in serving up brews that are made from produce directly from Jersey Fresh farms. I love the concept and the commitment that Source Brewery makes.

Owner Phil Patracca and his wife Keri built and renovated an 1894 dairy farmhouse and converted it into an aesthetically beautiful efficient brewery. They’re in farm country in Colts Neck and the brewery fits into the backdrop of Colts Neck like a general store postcard.

They have a great story to tell as well. Phil was a Chief Product Officer for a global biometric company. He developed a beer dispensing technology at home called Fizzics. He takes the product to the TV hit show Shark Tank and walks away with a $2,000,000 deal from Mark Cuban and Lorie Greiner. Phil finds Greg Taylor who has a Masters Brewing Degree from Doemens Academy in Munich Germany, which in the beer world is the equivalent of getting a law degree at Harvard. They leave Fizzics and along with Keri open up Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck. I’ve been to Source Brewery a few times and the beer is outstanding.

Brewmaster Greg works hard in incorporating many flavors from Jersey produce and creates beers that are crisp, fresh and delicious. The farmhouse at Source is perfect for the gathering of friends and family. The first floor tap house, a substantial outdoor German Biergarten and back grounds are family friendly and the back grounds are pet friendly too. The mezzanine and roof top terrace are adults only. The weather is getting warmer and it’s enjoyable to head out and enjoy a pint or two of Jersey brew. Cheers New Jersey and enjoy!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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