There's a new movie out on Friday August 4th called Brave New Jersey, but lots of luck finding it. It seems to be in pretty limited release. It's a comedy set in 1938 when Orson Welles' War Of The Worlds broadcast had many people in New Jersey believing aliens actually landed in Grover's Mill. The real life event is seen through the eyes of main characters who have sudden epiphanies about what really matters to them since they think the world might be over any minute.

I've read a lot of bad reviews on this one, and this trailer doesn't look all that impressive. Yet it's all about New Jersey so I was interested enough to see where it's playing. Yeahhhh, I can't find it at any theater near where I live, near where I work, or near my old home county of Union. That's about when I gave up looking. Kind of strange that a movie based in New Jersey about a major night in New Jersey history would be so hard to find playing in a New Jersey theater. I even checked Asbury Park's Showroom Cinema known for Indy films and nothing.

Maybe the critics are right.

At least we will always have The Wrestler, Eddie and the Cruisers, Jersey Boys, Clerks, The Wedding Singer, Copland, Lean On Me, A Beautiful Mind, and many other great films set here in the Garden State.

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