It's easy to dismiss the fact that there's an election coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 7

So many media outlets do very little research and reporting, and instead rely on questionable public opinion polls to report on the election. We may remember how wrong those polls were about the election in November, 2016.

The public polls showing that the goveneror's race is a 14- to 16-point spread in favor of the Democratic candidate, Phil Murphy, may or may not be accurate. The bottom line is that the spread completely changes when different turnout percentages are factored in . The race in some internal polls, according to numerous conversations that I've had over the past few weeks, has the race at about 7 points.

A lot is likely to happen over the course of the next few days, as a weekend is like a month in politics. The two questions that will have nto be answered by voters are: Which candidate will make us safer in our communities regarding terrorism and crime? And who has the better plan to make NJ affordable for middle and working class citizens?

Voters will also be asked to vote on ballot questions and local candidates for the legislature. I was joined Wednesday morning by two candidates running for two sets in the 16th district, which covers parts Hunterdon, Somerset and Mercer counties. There's one incumbent in the race, Democrat Andrew Zwicker, who earned a lot of praise from me a year ago as a "no" vote on the gas tax — but has quickly devolved into an arrogant, elitist, mocking a local veteran and anyone who doesn't live in Princeton. Oh, and he's also making it clear that he supports higher taxes.

The other incumbent Democrat, Assemblyman Jack Ciaterrelli, opted to run for governor this year. Former Assemblywoman Donna Simon and current Somerset County Freeholder Mark Caliguire, both Republicans, joined me to discuss their plan to fight for lower taxes and government accountability.

This election is especially important if you believe the polls, because if Phil Murphy is successful in buying the brass ring this year, he'll likely have a big majority to support his agenda of higher taxes and dramatic spending increases. Having Simon and Caliguire to push back in the legislature is critical.

If Kim Guadagno prevails, she'll still be faced with a legislature of the opposite party, but the more thoughtful voices added to the conversation in Trenton, the better for the rest of us who are paying the bills.

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