A 23 year old New Jersey man was arrested for driving 145 miles an hour in New York. Police say Jeremy Vanleuven was driving a 2009 Dodge Challenger on Route 17 in Wallkill, NY, when a trooper spotted him driving in a “reckless manner” around 10:15 AM.

According to Patch.com, the speed of the vehicle was verified at 145 mph by radar (the speed limit there is 65); Vanleuven was ultimately pulled over and given three tickets, one for speeding, one for reckless driving, and one for reckless endangerment. The Wanaque man will have to return to court in Wallkill on March 13th. A six liter V8 2009 Challenger (SRT8) can produce up to 425 horsepower; I’m assuming that’s the package he got.

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