Last October, Sayreville High School shocked many by canceling their football season  after news of a hazing scandal broke out. Last night, the high school announced it would be reinstating the football program next season.

The entrance to Sayreville War Memorial High School
The entrance to Sayreville War Memorial High School (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

The students involved in the scandal have been charged, and Coach George Najjar lost his job with the team. Looking back on the situation, do you think Sayreville High School overreacted by canceling the football season?

Some say the school took matters too far by ending the season early. Innocent kids were not allowed to play football, fans of the team suffered, and the town of Sayreville lost an activity that was important to them. Many believe there were more appropriate ways to handle the situation, such as canceling a few games until the matter was settled.

Others believe that Sayreville did the right thing, and that innocent players knew what was going on. Some also argue that the entire team should be punished for the guilty students' actions.

What do you think?

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