Everyone has that friend. You know who I mean. That friend that when they open their mouth makes you cringe for the fear of what is going to come out of it. Meet our dear friend, owner of the Stress Factory and a frequent guest on the show, Vinnie Brand. Today another one of those cringe-worthy moments popped up when Miss New Jersey, Kaitlyn Schoeffel, dropped by the studio.

Kaitlyn was amazing to have in as a guest and she had some fantastic stories for us about winning the competition. Then we let "Uncle" Vinnie Brand ask a question. When you watch the video above, you can tell right off the bat how uncomfortable I am letting Vinnie ask a question. But I decided to let Vinnie ask anyway and I will say, to her credit, Kaitlyn came back with an awesome answer for it!

Vinnie uses the term "broads" when referring to women. So Vinnie posed the question Miss New Jersey and asked her what she thought of it. Comedian Jay Black, also in studio, and I just kind of cringed as the question came out of Vinnie's mouth. But as you can see in the video, Kaitlyn handled the question like a pure pro and was a great sport with it.

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