This is pathetic. Some jerk decided he had the right to approach five Muslim teenagers walking to the mall in Jersey City, get in their face, and denigrate them for being Muslim. This video from one student's Twitter account captures part of the rant. The unidentified man calls them "traitors to the country" because they are Muslim and calls them "sh***y people" from "your sh***y country."

Video is NSFW due to graphic language

The video was taken by one of the 18 year old Dickinson High School students named Fatima Khan. Because one of the other girls was wearing a hijab the man was apparently set off, and when he was in mid-tirade that's when Khan began recording.

Khan is heard defending her friend in the hijab, pointing out, "She was born here, first of all, and I came here and I am an American citizen!" The girls told that the man also called them "witches" and told them they were "evil."

The girls reported the incident to the police who said without knowing who the man is or where he went there wasn't much they could do. But a resident of Jersey City says the man is known to be homeless in the area and has psychological issues. Clearly. But that only means they should try even harder to find this man before he does something more serious.

A sad realization hits me as I write this story; that some people reading this, without the excuse of any psychological issues, will agree with this creep.

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