A gullible Facebook user from Lodi gave in to the request of a complete stranger recently when a woman he added on the social network, but never met in person, convinced him to send her a photo of his penis. As a surprise to no one besides perhaps the 'victim,' the woman allegedly had an ulterior motive.

According to a report by NJ.com, the woman allegedly called the 'victim' and threatened to post the photo of his genitals online unless he paid her $3,500. When he responded by saying he simply didn't have that much money, the price tag for dignity plummeted to $500. Still a lot of money, so finally this man made a correct decision and went to the police. The NJ.com article goes on to say 'victim' has apparently agreed to sign a complaint for prosecution if the blackmailer is identified.

Where has this guy been for the last ten years? Have you not heard of catfishing? Have you not seen a headline including the words "leaked nudes?" This stuff happens everywhere daily! If you happen to be the type of person who doesn't want compromising photos of you floating around the internet, perhaps consider using a lot more discretion.

Do you think this guys is a victim or just an idiot? I personally am siding with 'idiot,' and hopefully his idiocy teaches him a valuable lesson. Take our poll below!

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