🔴 Nearly two dozen shots were fired on Broad Street near Lincoln Park

🔴 A fatally injured Al-Supreme Davis, 30, was found on the sidewalk

🔴 Essex County Prosecutor’s Office is looking for anyone with information

NEWARK — One person was killed and several people injured when nearly two dozen rounds were fired in near a liquor store Thursday night.

The shots were fired around 7:30 p.m. near Homer Liquors on the 1000 block Broad Street in the downtown Lincoln Park neighborhood, according to acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens II.

Al-Supreme Davis, 30, was found shot on the sidewalk and pronounced dead at the scene. Three others who ran into the liquor store after the shots were fired were taken to University Hospital.

Stephens did not disclose the circumstances of the shooting. No arrests have been made.

Newark NJ 2022 crime stats
Newark NJ 2022 crime stats (City of Newark)

Search of a nearby park

RLS Metro Breaking News reported police searched Lincoln Park next to the liquor store during their initial investigation. No arrests have yet been made

Stephens asked anyone with information about the shooting to call the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office tips line at 1-877-847-7432.

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