By now you know Senate candidate Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault of a 14-year-old. And then as you probably also knew or at least assumed, per usual, a barrage of accusers came crawling out of the woodwork to make the same accusations about him.

Moore was defended by Sean Hannity the other night. Hannity suggested that Moore’s accusers are making things up. Hysteria ensued. What you may not know is that, bowing to pressure from Hannity haters, the famous coffee/coffeemaker company Keurig decided to pull its ads from the show because of Hannity’s opinions.

Leave it to a Jersey Hannity fan to protest Keurig in a very Jersey way. New Jersey marine veteran and life coach John Angelo Gage posted a video of himself smashing his Keurig coffee maker to smithereens. Others followed suit.

And so begins the Keurig smash challenge. Gage invites people to join him in videoing their Keurig smashing and posting the videos on Twitter. Now that’s a Jersey protest the way only a New Jerseyan can do it!! This is gonna be fun.

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