The other day I saw some kids unsupervised at the beach. Well, not really.

There was some adults about a hundred yards away. But what struck me about seeing a dozen kids under 12 playing a game of "crab crawl" races on this beach in Ventnor this past weekend was, that they were on their own!

No adults organizing the races, matching up teams and determining the winner. Just kids making up their own rules and working out their own disputes.

It was so unusual to see kids playing with something other than electronic devices and just being kids with parental meddling. It's just such a rare sight today, we had to pull over on our bikes and watch.

It's something that kids have been doing since the beginning of time, yet so rare a sight today. It was natural and innocent and unfortunately in my observation, not that common.

I'm sure you can say, "oh my kids do it all the time", and point out a few examples. It's just that that's all we did just a generation ago and yet it seems so rare today.

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