Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have been devastated by hurricane Maria which struck the Island as a category four storm last week and left millions without power and at least ten dead.

As the island recovers the federal governments response has been swift, intense and productive. 4,000 members of the Army National Guard have been deployed, along with 2600 personnel from the Department of Defense spread across the Caribbean. Hundreds of emergency airlifts, tens of thousands of pounds of food and hundreds of thousands of liters of water, generators and medical supplies.

Unfortunately instead of praising the incredible job of the DoD, FEMA and other arms of the U.S Government for a rapid and effective response the President's detractors would rather play politics and attack his words and tweets.

Do people simply not remember the disaster that FEMA was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Isn't it perfectly clear that when you hire a strong, organized, experienced organizational leader, things get done?

Enough of the political posturing from would-be 2020 contenders like Governor Andrew Cuomo. Enough of the attacks on the President's so-called distractions like the NFL controversy. Is the job getting done or isn't it?

I know the President is not picking up a shovel like Senator Cory Booker did when a homeowner in Newark needed snow cleared...but Booker also left Newark in shambles to pursue higher office. You want rhetoric and photo ops? Or do you want action? If you or your loved ones are on the Island, thankfully there's a leader in charge getting the help needed for survival and recovery.

Government is finally about action instead of rhetoric. For me, I'm thrilled to finally have a non-politician, results focused leaders in the Oval Office. We've suffered enough as a nation under two Bushes, Obama and thankfully only one Clinton.

Instead of talking politics, do something. Here's a way you can help the victims of Irma, Harvey and Maria directly. If you are looking for information on loved ones or would like to coordinate efforts to help, 1-833-NJ-HELP

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