💧 The 19-year-old and three friends were on the beach after lifeguard hours

💧 Good Samaritans helped a friend back to shore

💧 The upstate New York man was still hospitalized Monday

BRADLEY BEACH — A 19-year-old who had just completed U.S. Army boot camp remains hospitalized after nearly drowning this weekend.

The man from upstate New York went swimming with three friends at the Kent Avenue beach after lifeguards left late Friday afternoon. He became exhausted after he went too far out from the beach, Police Chief Leonard Guida told New Jersey 101.5.

Lifeguards go off duty at 5 p.m., according to a sign at the entrance to the beach.

Two of the swimmers went farther out than the lifeguards would probably have allowed them to go, according to Guida. Good Samaritans helped pull one of them back to shore. The other, who Guida said was in good physical shape following boot camp training, became exhausted and went under the surface.

"There was an alert put out by the police department for rescue swimmers. Responding units entered the water and 20 minutes or so later they located the submerged person and brought him back to shore," Guida said.

There was a low risk of rip currents on Friday and through the weekend.

McCabe Avenue Beach in Bradley Beach
McCabe Avenue Beach in Bradley Beach (Bud McCormick)

Respect for the ocean

Medics revived the victim and brought back his pulse. He was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center and remained in critical condition on a respirator Monday morning, according to Guida.

Guida did not disclose the identity of any of the swimmers.

As a lifelong resident of Bradley Beach, Guida offered words of advice for swimmers.

"I learned a long time ago when I was a kid, because I grew up here, you got to respect that ocean. You really do. You think you know how to swim but you gotta respect it. If you don't respect it you're making a huge mistake," Guida said.

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