It was anything but a routine flight bound for New Jersey from Orlando on March 27. A Spirit Airlines passenger refused to turn off her cell phone as the flight was readying for take-off. Then things got worse. I've seen flight attendants have incredible patience when dealing with an uncooperative jerk, and the last thing they want to do is fill out reports and delay a flight even further by throwing someone off a plane. So you can bet it had to be really bad for it to come to this. The flight crew finally had enough and announced she was being remove.

She did not go quietly.

Before getting off the jet she decided twerking and flashing all the other passengers would be a proper farewell. By now phones had come back out and videos were being taken. Because you know, in 2019 if it isn’t recorded it didn’t happen, right? She also thought it was a good idea to challenge another passenger to a fight.

The video made its way to the internet, of course, and we want to warn you there is profanity. If you’ve never seen a passenger twerking her way off a flight then today is your lucky (or maybe unlucky) day! See the full uncensored version of the video here.

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