It was an honor to have one of the great television personalities in the New York/New Jersey market Mike Schneider  on the show today.  He joined me to discuss he personal battle with Lyme disease.  Lyme disease afflicts several hundred thousand people every single year according to the Center for Disease control .  The challenge is that Lyme is often dismissed publicly as not quite a serious condition.

Mike was very passionate and firm in his focus to make sure the word gets out about Lyme.  The biggest issue is prevention.  We had a veterinarian on the show to discuss the mistakes people make with their pets.  One of the biggest?  Letting your pets sleep in your bed.

Mike's recent public disclosure started with a tweet from someone who dismissed the claims of a Trump staffer who lost a couple hundred thousands dollars fighting to treat his wife's condition.  The insensitive and ignorant tweet prompted Mike to disclose his own battle with Lyme and the cost it's had on him.

We discussed the strides that Congressman Chris Smith has made battling to get the CDC to recognize Lyme as a chronic condition.  His fight has taken up the better part of 10 years.

We'll continue to check in with Mike as he battles forward exposing the truth about Lyme and helping people get the right attention they need to treat what could either be a debilitating or a well-managed disease based on your choices and proper diagnoses.

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