The next few days are a glimpse of how busy the spring and summer ahead of the 2024 election are gonna be.

Many of the events I attend and speak at are free so, catch me if you're able to fit in an event to your schedule.

My mission is simple. Spread the word on common sense policies that if implemented will turn New Jersey around. We have many issues in New Jersey that both sides of the political aisle have failed to address. If we are going to turn New Jersey around, make our neighborhoods safer, protect our parents and kids and make life more affordable, the GOP needs stronger, smarter, principled and committed to public service.

Jack Ciattarelli

Republicans, or Democrats?

The last GOP nominee for governor got beat because he failed to embrace the issues that were driving the conversation in New Jersey.

He turned on his own party, bashing President Trump, calling him a "charlatan," saying he wouldn't vote for him and then supporting Democratic issues like licenses for illegals. But Jack is not letting his past support for Democratic issues and talking points stand in the way of his THIRD run for the Governor's Office.

Then there's personal injury trial attorney Jon Bramnick, who as a Republican legislative leader decided that it was OK to party with Phil Murphy, ignoring that the rest of the state was suffering from the Murphy COVID lockdowns and mandates.

And perhaps worse, he openly supported and then voted for Murphy's Attorney General, Matt Platkin. Yes, the same AG who went after school districts to stop parents from being informed about their own kids struggling with gender identity.

Imagine a Republican supporting a government assault on parental rights!

Jon Bramnick- photo,
Jon Bramnick- photo,


Equally troubling is Bramnick's push for legislation that clearly benefits personal injury attorneys while adding to the cost-of-living burden impacting New Jersey middle and working class families.

When a Republican acts, speaks and votes like a Democrat politician, strong Democratic voters tend to stick with real Democrats in November, and many Republican and independent voters simply stay home when facing more of the same.

On the Democratic side, is there anyone running who didn't fall in line with everything that Murphy did to lockdown our state, release dangerous predators and create a sanctuary for illegal migrants and force taxpayers to pay for it? You're on the hook for the legal costs, housing and education of the illegal migrants pouring into NJ, and not one potential statewide Democrat will address the problem.

Bill Spadea
Bill Spadea

Enough of the professional politicians

New Jersey is ready for common sense politics to make a return. Enough of the professional politicians who have enriched themselves while avoiding serious issues that impact average Garden Staters.

The first step is to focus on local elections in June and then November 2024. If you are a Republican voter, don't skip the June primary. Make your voice heard and send the best candidates up against the Democratic insiders.

If you are an unaffiliated voter, show up on Election Day in June and help us nominate better Republican candidates — candidates who reflect common sense, patriotism and protecting kids and parental rights.

And if you're a Democrat, ask yourself if the party that you've known for decades is the same.

Do you really support the sanctuary policies that have crushed our budget, local infrastructure at the expense of average Americans?

Do you really support the bail reform system that has made our streets less safe?

Do you really support the Trenton government suing school districts to stop parents from having a say in their own kids' lives?

If you answered 'no' to any or all of these, give the Republican Party a chance. But don't wait for the right candidate to come to you — get involved. Start by joining me at one of my many events daily across the state...

Tuesday, Feb. 20
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Wednesday, Feb. 21
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Saturday, Feb. 24
10 a.m. — Paramus
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Average property taxes in New Jersey

These are the county and municipal average property taxes for 2023. The data comes from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

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