Your first reaction to seeing the ad for Trumpy Bear, a bear made to resemble President Donald Trump with awkward hair and all, is that it's a spoof. You'll think that it's from an SNL skit. And you'll be wrong.

It's real all right. Exceptional Products markets this plush teddy bear that pays homage to our (fill in the adjective of your choice) leader. That's a company that has been around for 30 years and they have other products like the Hairdini and Save a Blade. It's a Texas based company. They often use infomercials and over the top tv ads to move merchandise.

For those willing to part with $39.90 you can have a Trumpy Bear of your very own. Trumpy is nearly 2 feet tall and has a secret compartment where inside is stored a 28 in by 30 in American flag blanket. Let's not forget that horrible orange 'do.

It's the ad that's more entertaining than the bear itself. Because the ad is done with such cheese, it's hard to know watching this if it's the diehard Trump supporters who would actually buy this or if it's meant more for Trump haters to purchase and goof on him. If you're still not convinced this is for real, here's a link to the debunking site to settle your skepticism.

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