Before Donald Trump became president he was a TV star on "The Apprentice" and of course "Celebrity Apprentice." There's no reason why that TV career shouldn't continue now that he's in the White House. Hopefully he tapes everything that goes on like President Nixon did. Although, that didn't work out so well for Nixon. My first thought was some form of "The Apprentice" but I think that's been done with interns by the Bill Clinton.

Here are some possible shows that could be on "Trump TV":

  • White House Survivor — each week the president drops a mess that those around him have to either clean up, explain, or make right. Whoever does the worst job get voted out and goes on a bashing press tour.
  • Donny's Angels — Unlike other presidents who had affairs while in office, this show is kind of an adulterous prequel takes place in 2006 and features a porn star, a playmate, and a hot TV contestant. Can you imagine President Trump opening each show with "Hello Angels"?
  • West Wing 2.0 — What if President Martin Sheen thought like Charlie Sheen? Pretty much sums it up. The show writes itself!
  • Let's Make A Nuclear Deal — That's where we let North Korea choose from curtain number one, two, or three. Or they can try for the Big Deal of the Day! Meanwhile the president can give out Trump chotskies like key chains and bobble head dolls to those who have whatever he asks from the audience, like twitter handles. China will like that because that's where most of the chotskies are made.
  • The Bachelor — Women compete for the President just in case Melania dumps him over "Donny's Angels."
  • Undercover President — Trump disguises himself and pretends to be a low lever worker to see what his people really think about him.
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire — There's only room for one in this administration so raise your hand and "You're Fired!"

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