WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump regrets not including Chris Christie in his cabinet, an "outside advisor" to the president tells Vanity Fair.

The advisor, who is not identified by the magazine, said Trump wants to shake up his cabinet and circle of advisors because they aren't defending him enough in public. Another advisor told the magazine that Trump regrets not naming former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State and Christie as attorney general.

Christie made his debut during the State of the Union address as a political commentator for ABC News. He criticized Democrats for not applauding the president.

The former governor was one of the first major politicians to endorse Trump's candidacy, and often touted his friendship with the reality-TV celebrity-turned-politician. Christie said Trump offered him positions but not one that would entice him to uproot his family and move to Washington. Christie was critical of Trump advisors in the early days of his administration but did not name names.

Former Trump political advisor Steve Bannon said Christie's tempered defense of Trump after allegations about comments captured on video he made in 2006 to "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush were a loyalty test that the governor failed.

Christie said the comments were "unacceptable" and "indefensible" but continued to support Trump's candidacy.

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