Speaking with New Brunswick Today reporter Charlie Kratovil who was assaulted by April Ryan's body guard reminded me of the when I was producing Live Aid coverage for WYSP in Philadelphia and our newsman Gary Lee Horn got backstage and asked Mick Jagger if the rumor were true that the Stones were breaking up only to have Mick's body guard punch him in the stomach! Later Horn approached Jack Nicholson only to be told by his bodyguard, "Hey the guys gotta take a leak give him a break," and shoves him.

I'm back in the studio taking the live feed and hearing my friend getting beat up and no one is helping and screaming, "Gary, get a cop! Get a lawyer! Throw something at him!! Horn, who joined me on New Jersey 101.5, said, "When my incident happened, it was a different time, nobody ever thought about charges or lawsuits. It just happened and nobody suggested to me you should sue those guys, it was a different time. It was only rock 'n' roll and we liked it."

As for what happened to Kratovil Horn says of bodyguards, "I don't think they're paid to stop asking questions, I think they're paid to protect you from potential violence, a bodyguard is not there to smack away reporters who are there to ask questions."

As for April Ryan, Horn asks, "Who the hell is that what does she need a bodyguard for?" Horn said, "I think the fact that she has a bodyguard means that she sees herself as a celebrity. You know what newsperson needed a bodyguard? I guess at Live Aid I should've had a bodyguard."

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