One of the advantages I thought there would be when I found out we were having twin boys, was the chores I could get them to do. Last year I took them out for snow shoveling figuring that this year, I would never have to touch a shovel. In fact, I even showed them "Karate Kid" so that they would learn how to wash a car and paint the fence. I wasn't interested in self defense, I was more interested in "paint the fence!"

So this year, while I was shoveling the driveway, I looked up and saw my 11 year old angels Lennon and Albert, with shovels in hand coming towards me. What a warm Hallmark moment! I'm thinking, "No Dad, let us shovel the driveway, you work too hard, go sit inside and keep warm."

That was the fantasy. The reality was they walked right past me and shoveled my neighbors driveway for money, leaving Dad to fend for himself! When I asked "What about our driveway?" They replied "How much are you paying us?" to which I replied "room and board." We won't even talk about all those NFL jerseys that they got for Christmas!

The good thing though is that they've got their Dad's "hustle gene" which motivates them to go out and make money instead of sitting home and playing video games. Back in the day, when it would snow, the second thing I thought of is how much money I was going to make shoveling driveways.The first of course was "I hope they close school today."

From what I'm hearing on the phones, the days of kids shoveling driveways appear to have dropped significantly. Some places outlawed it. I'm hoping as my kids get older those days come back. I can't wait until they're old enough to mow the lawn!

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