Ever imagine, when you're singing along with your favorite song in the car, being up on stage singing it with the band? I got that experience on Sunday at iPlay America, when I took my family to see "The Jersey Four" pay tribute to the Four Seasons. If you ever want to hear a group that sounds just like the originals, you need to see this band. Their music director Joe Long, actually played with Frankie Valli and the boys from 1965 to 1975. It was just after they brought Long onto the stage that he gave me the surprise of my life, calling me up to sing with them.

Now the last time I sang on stage with a band was at WPST, when Tom Cunningham, Dave Hoeffel and myself lost a bet to the Mahoney Brothers, and we were forced to sing, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." We were so good that they kept us out for "Twist and Shout." At least I like to think that ;)

This time Long called me up to join the band for "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Stay," "Bye Bye Baby" and "Let's Hang On." I'm thinking as I walked to the stage where I've told jokes and introduced bands  that this is not going to go well, hopefully they won't turn on my mike. Then Joe Cilento, one of the guitarists, made it easy by feeding me the lines, which I knew by heart but forgot in the heat of adrenaline. He even gave me a tambourine so that I wouldn't look as much like a doofus as I felt.

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