Ben and Jerry may make a great ice cream but they're a horrible combination for the New York Giants. Like they say in the Brady Bunch, "It's time to change" in part because the fans voices are starting to sound like Peter. Mine went hoarse at Sundays 51-17 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

I'm hoping John Mara, who left his box with 7 minutes to go in the fourth quarter of yesterdays 51-17 loss with nothing to say except "I think it speaks for itself doesn't it," makes that change and fires both general manager Jerry Reese (who was put on notice when former head coach Tom Coughlin "left") and his replacement head coach Ben McAdoo.

Granted, they went to the playoffs after Reese spent over 200 million dollars of the owners money to make up for all the bad drafting, but if you watched those games, they were not a dominant team. Apparently both Reese and the players saw differently as he pointed out that part of the problem with this 1-7 year was that they "bought into their own Super Bowl hype." That seems so funny now doesn't it?

What's also ironic is while the Giants were believing Super Bowl, the Jets and Eagles were just believing. Despite the fact that neither team was expected to do anything this year, the Jets are now 4-5 after blowing 4th quarter leads in two other games, meanwhile the Eagles whose plan was to win now while drafting for the future are 8-1 with the best record in football! I'm sorry, what was it that the Giants were believing?

I sat in the pouring rain at Met Life stadium the past two weekends and saw the Jets who weren't supposed to do anything play a competitive game against the Atlanta Falcons in a monsoon followed by the Giants quitting after a bye week and getting blown out 51-17.  Ben McAdoo may not have been embarrassed, but I certainly was. These Giants are an embarrassment to the fans.

I've been a die hard Giants fan since the '70s. I sat in a dunk tank at Lincoln Financial Field in 2007 wearing a Plaxico Burress jersey, and wore a dress through the streets of Philadelphia after they were shut out 27-0 by the Eagles on a Sunday night.

Despite that, I was never more embarrassed for my team than yesterday when I took my 11 year old sons to their very first Giants game and the 51-17 blowout by the Rams is what they saw. I'm hoping the players will also be embarrassed when they look at that game tape. In fact they should be locked in a room and forced to watch it, like we the die hard fans did.

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