If you're a roller coaster person, you've got to try the new "Hydrus" which opened Friday in Seaside Heights replacing the Jet Star which was lost in Superstorm Sandy. After Governor Christie cut the ribbon at Casino Pier and took a photo in the cars, it was time for the riders to ride. Among those in the first car were my sons Albert and Lennon along with their dad.

Hydrus starts off with a straight up vertical ascension that I just threw my head back and enjoyed the sky view with the anticipation of what was to come very quickly. We then descended straight down then we rode at 45 miles per hour twisting and turning at some points upside down, it went so fast that by the time you realized what was happening to you, you were out of it and into something even more crazy.

When we finished, the ABC TV crew was waiting at the bottom of the ramp for us to get a critique. I let my sons handle that while I just tried to get my bearings straight. It was so much fun that we rode it a few more times and will definitely be going back!

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