Hours from the state budget deadline last year, the legislature approved a tax on those who make $5 million or more a year. Now, Governor Murphy wants to stick it to those who make a million or more. That may seem like a lot to most of us, but everything being relative, here in New Jersey $1 million doesn’t go as far as we might think.

So let’s say we give Murphy his millionaires tax.... How long will it be before he decides to pull a Bernie Sanders and do it to people who make $250,000 or more? Or 200? Or 160? Now it’s starting to sound scarier isn’t it? Trust me, before you know it he’s coming for more of your salary too. Under pressure to get his way before the July 1st deadline or risk a government shut down, Murphy had a little temper tantrum the other day whining at a Patterson press conference. “I’ve kind of had it with folks who can’t answer that very clear question: Whose side are you on?”

The answer to that question is not what the governor wants to hear: It’s possible, governor Murphy, (although we don’t see it happening very often) that Sweeney and the legislature are actually on the side of the NEW JERSEY TAXPAYER. You should try it, Gov.! What a concept!!

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