On the calendar, it wasn't "Friday the 13th," but for me, it might has well have been!

It's raining...as I'm getting ready to head in to New Jersey 101.5 yesterday morning. I hear on Bob Williams' and Jill Maira's traffic reports that there are accidents to avoid on my main route...so I head to the back roads.

I'm on a "road less traveled" in Hopewell Twp (Mercer County), about 3/4 of the way to my destination, New Jersey 101.5.

It starts raining so hard that I can barely see. My wiper blades are on super high. I slow to a crawl (maybe 10mph) because I STILL can't see.


My windshield is a spiderweb!

Thankfully, there are no cars around me.

Its raining so hard that I don't get out to see the offending LARGE limb. Besides, I can't be late....I have to engineer Dennis & Judi's "Lunch Tour" remote show from back in the studio.

When I get to the station, its apparent to my friends that something is wrong.

News of my close call spreads through the building.

I accept condolences....and there is nothing I can do til D&D take over at 2pm.

I sit at Jim Gearhart's desk, and call my insurance company. Dealing with a potential claim is new to me. I've been "lucky" til now.

Next, its time to call an autoglass place. Ashley (in Ohio) is very pleasant and understanding.

No...nothing can be done that afternoon. They can come to my work Saturday afternoon. Oops...no, not til Monday.  If they come to my home, that is another store's territory, they can do the job sometime between noon and 5pm Saturday.

The total? A few bucks under my deductible.  Its several hundred dollars that would be better spent on new tires, but what can I do?

So, last night, I post my "picture of woe" on social media.

Another view of the damage from my perspective as driver. (Craig Allen photo)

I am heartened by the replies. For example:

"Oh man.... Glad you are OK! You and your silly jokes are not replaceable!"

Yes, I'm fine.  And, I 'd rather not dwell on how I could have been seriously injured!

Plus, several friends tell my that many insurance companies replace auto glass with only a $50 deductible, and no impact on your rates.

That is for Monday...I can't reach a "live" person at my insurace company, on a Saturday afternoon.

In the meantime, I am borrowing a car to drive in to do the radio show...and someone has to stay at the house to meet up with Matthew from the "repair, replace" glass company.


Again...the outpouring of support and sympathy has been more than I could expect...except for the one guy who posted (in reference to my paying full freight for the glass): "ah thats lunch money to you nj101.5 folks."

There's always a contrarian!

There will new glass before the show is over at 7pm...(Craig Allen photo)