We always hear in New Jersey about people who pay it forward by helping other people in need. Here is one more case of that — where White Horse Tree Care removed a fallen tree from a vets home for free.

Fran Boyle Jr. is a 71-year-old veteran who lives on a fixed income with his wife. He also gets a small disability check from the Veterans Administration due to asbestos contact during his time in the Navy from 1968 through 74.

Tree before removal:

Photo courtesy of Fran Boyle Jr.
Photo courtesy of Fran Boyle Jr.

When a storm came through last June it split a tree that fell completely across his yard, knocking branches into both his yard as well as his neighbors.

"My wife contacted our homeowner's insurance company," Boyle told me when we talked via email, "and the next day they called and informed us that since the tree didn't fall on a structure, the tree removal and clean up wouldn't be covered. We were at a loss because we knew we couldn't afford to pay for the tree service and removal out of pocket and because our credit isn't the best, we pretty much knew a loan wasn't going to happen."

So Fran had to resort to asking for help.

"I started emailing politicians, local leaders, etc to see if anyone could help us. I was contacted by Assemblyman Bill Moen's office (Christine) and she informed me that she sent out emails to many people requesting assistance, I know Bill from the Runnemede VFW and we both went to the same high school."

The pleading brought results, as a few days later Boyle was contacted by Caroline Scherrer of People For The Poor, which is an organization that helps those in need with no where else to go.

"Caroline reached out and she informed me that she got ahold of White Horse Tree Care LLC, Kelley the owner came out to my house, checked out the damage and gave me a quote originally of $800. We talked a little and she asked about my Veterans status and my disability, and said to me, Thank You for your service, we're doing this job for free!!!!! Needless to say I was surprised beyond belief, as a Vietnam Vet most of us aren't used to nice things happening to us."

The following week the White Horse Tree Care crew arrived at the Boyles home around 4:30 p.m., they were done the job, removed the trees, and cleaned up the yard by 5:45 at the latest.

Tree after removal:

Photo courtesy of Fran Boyle Jr.
Photo courtesy of Fran Boyle Jr.

Full disclosure: I raise money for People for the Poor. So when Caroline told me about the Boyles' situation, I put her in touch with my sister-in-law Kelly Allard who owns White horse Tree Care and has a heart as big as any tree her company has ever cut. The rest, as they say, is "Jersey history."

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